Trust in the process

Design is like baking a cake. You get all the ingredients together and mix them up in a bowl and you put it in the oven. When it goes in, it doesn’t look like a cake. You can’t be sure it’s going to become a cake. But if you’ve used the right ingredients, set the heat right, and then leave it for 30 minutes it comes out a cake. There’s some magic in there that you have to trust but it’s consistent with practice.

Process is super important, as are the right inputs. If you haven’t put enough eggs in the batter — if you haven’t done the research — then yeah, it’s not going to turn out. And there’s nothing you can do about it at that point. Opening the oven door and poking it a bunch of times is just going to wreck it. But if you're smart about your planning and methodical about your process, there's a lot of room for creativity without risking the result. Who's hungry?


We're a small studio with big ideas. Keeping our studio small lets us work with clients at all different scales, and to do that we lean on a great group of contractors, partners and web services to help us pull off big projects with a small headcount. It also allows us to go to our network and pull the perfect person for your project, rather than the one we have on staff. 

If your project needs video, photography, copywriting, naming or any other number of services we're not experts in, rest assured - we know a guy. 

Why do we do one concept at a time?

Simple. We involve our clients in the creation process rather than the selection process. Do you get a better fit off the rack or from a tailor who asks you questions and takes careful measurements? We believe the traditional process of 3 concepts in parallel is a poor one -  client involvement is discouraged, communication is poor and multiple rounds of work are used to probe into the best solution. It's like taking shots from the hip instead of taking careful aim. We collaborate heavily in the beginning phases of a project, and stay in close communication throughout the relationship. Involving the client in our creation process rather than a selection process helps us create a more bespoke and successful product, and creating one solution at a time allows us to carry revelations of the first concept into the design of the second.

The result is work that fits, just right.