Design is a powerful tool. 


So powerful in fact, it can seem like magic. It shares interests and affirms values, makes connections and establishes trust. It clarifies, communicates, and compels. And when done poorly, it can be blunt. Dull.

Chances are you’re here looking for some of that magic, to regain that edge. You’re looking to sharpen up.



We believe that great design starts with asking questions. Uncovering problems. Discovering opportunities. Great design comes from understanding. It marries intellect and intuition, instinct and insight. It speaks both rationally and emotionally. It also takes trust and willingness to take a risk. Partnership. If you’re open to recommendations that reach beyond design, if you’re committed to working collaboratively, if you desire a solution greater than the sum of its parts, you’ve come to the right place.



My talk on millennial marketing is available online here. Thank you!


"It is an amazingly rare thing in this world to create something that is, in reality, every bit as great as your wildest imagination dreamed it could be.

To me, this site is just that – a stunning piece of design that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and detail of our brand, while at the same time, expands my fundamental perception of what the internet is capable of. While I never doubted your ability, I was sure that along the way there would be compromises that had to be made, requests that wouldn’t be achievable or boundaries that design or technology could not cross – there always are on projects like this. Looking back now, I can’t think of one."

– James Hayes, Araujo Estate

"After nearly fifteen years of working with various design and technology companies, [Alta] took it to whole new level for us. Their commitment to do the absolute best at every stage was beyond impressive - it was inspiring.

From the initial consultations to the photography, design and overall flow, they were meticulous, hard-working, creative, timely, and went out of their way to understand our needs and what the customer wanted. The final product, Last Bottle, has been huge, literally an overnight success. We can’t say enough about these guys!”

– Stefan Blicker, Last Bottle

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