“I want to grab peoples’ 
attention in a way they don’t expect but in a way they like. 
Can you do that?”




Kosta Browne is a distinguished producer of pinot noir. To give you an idea of just how distinguished, they’ve made Wine Spectator’s Top 100 List six of the past seven years, including Wine of the Year in 2011. Unprecedented. Not one to leave well enough alone, Michael Browne has created a new label to pursue even greater heights. The wine is called CIRQ, an allusion to the high-wire and fire-swallowing acts he performed as a teen. 

We were brought in to pick up were the Chuck House-designed label left off, with a turn of the century circus motif and some digital sleight of hand. We re-focused design on the history in the Russian River Valley, referencing the deep family roots the project has in the area with turn of the century farm & railroad inspired details. Four videos introduce the people and places in a way that would be difficult to match with copy alone.