"History isn't just something you have. It's who you are."




Hanzell. It’s such a seminal place. The sheer weight of its history can be paralyzing. After we’d won the business, we spent three days holed up at the winery’s guesthouse, pouring through stacks of research, boxes of old photos and countless stories from the old days. We learned that the winery claimed many “firsts” -- first to use only French oak for aging; first to use inert gas to prevent oxidation; first to isolate malolactic bacteria. This unassuming little winery above Sonoma literally wrote the book for how wine is made in America. 

Our job was to tell their story in the context not just of what they’d done – their “firsts” -- but in their commitment to ensure their vision lasts. We created a site that juxtaposes the archival with the present day to create a sense of timelessness. And by incorporating tools like Flikr and Vimeo, we’ve given the winery a platform to share their story of innovation as it unfolds.




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